Paige is not
your average presenter

She combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence-based data and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner-table conversation. 

Paige is not
your average presenter


She combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence-based data and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner-table conversation. 

Are you holding a leadership / team event and want to tackle some of today’s challenging leadership issues?

Or maybe you want to add true impact to your team building activities so that your employees can take away tangible and lasting results.

Would you like to finally overcome problems like:

My team (including me) are being asked to do more with less. We’re not performing as well as we could be and I can see that we could burn out.

I want to better manage the influx of Millennials to my workforce and set us up better to create an environment that works for everyone’s success.

I’d like us all to have a better understanding of how to navigate change to make it more successful – for my people and the organisation. 

Why choose Paige to speak at your next event?

Paige knows her stuff.

Considered a wellbeing and leadership expert, Paige is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne and an Associate of Melbourne Business School,where she lectures and continues her research work exploring leadership, wellbeing, systems and change. Paige’s work has been presented internationally and published in a range of academic and non-academic journals. She is currently working on her book, ‘Becoming AntiFragile: Thriving through Complexity, Challenge and Change.’

Her leadership experience is broad and deep.

Paige’s knowledge is more than theoretical. More than 20 years’ in international leadership roles means she’s seen leadership done well (and not so well) in a variety of organisational contexts. This real-life experience, coupled with her deep academic knowledge fuels Paige’s superpower of making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day. 

Paige has helped hundreds of leaders in business, government, NGOs and schools leverage their energy, attitude and mindset and she has seen the positive impact it has – for them, their teams and their organisations.

Once you’ve worked with Paige, there are no excuses.

A strategic thinker fascinated with the power of leverage points; Paige believes we all have the capacity for leadership and sees the potent possibility the new decade offers to create a better world together. Through her conference presentations, her leadership programs and as an author, Paige focuses on replacing fear with confidence; replacing confusion with clarity and motivating leaders to create positive purposeful impact for themselves and the people they lead.

Offering practical evidence-based strategies leaders can immediately apply, Paige leaves people with the confidence and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well.


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Becoming AntiFragile

Leading through Challenge and Change

We have become too fragile.

The way we live, our systems, our processes and our expectations make us fragile. Yet the world we live in is more complex, more connected, more open to change, and more ambiguous than ever before.

The gap between our capacity to cope and the world we have created is getting bigger. 

As we become more fragile, the context we live in demands that we improve through disruption, not just endure it. That we embrace change rather than resist it. That we lean into challenge as a learning opportunity rather than something to avoid and that we accept that failure is inherent in the journey to success. 

Resilience and robustness are no longer enough. 

We need to become AntiFragile; to thrive through challenge and change

Becoming AntiFragile is a powerful keynote based on Paige’s personal experience, her research and many years’ professional experience.

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Leveraging Leadership

Getting to the root cause of leadership success

Leadership isn’t getting any easier. 

Shorter deadlines mean less time; streamlined teams means fewer people and budget constraints reduce resources. The social and work environment is complex and changing at a pace beyond our capacity to keep up. And the Millennial workforce is demanding a different style of leadership – they want flexibility, integrity and purpose from their leaders; and they’re voting with their feet.

Leaders are feeling the pinch through exhaustion, burnout and stress.

Leveraging latent leadership capacity is critical for leaders and organisations to meet the increasingly complex demands of work, and leadership models from the past just don’t meet the needs of today.

We need a new model of leadership that gets to the root cause of leadership success. 

Leveraging Leadership helps leaders harness personal energy, positive attitudes and a purposeful mindset to create conditions that elevate – themselves, the people they lead and the outcomes they achieve.

Can you Leverage your Leadership?

Yes! And when you’ve heard Paige’s Leveraging Leadership keynote, there are no excuses not to.

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NeuroChange Leadership

Leading change with the brain in mind

Is your leadership making change fail? 

It is an appealing illusion that, in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, we can control a system through fixed structures, detailed planning and promises of rewards or threats of punishments. But it is just that, an illusion.

Leadership is the decisive factor between successful and unsuccessful change efforts.

The rate of change is surpassing our capacity to keep up and research indicates that leaders who try to have all the answers and tell their people what is required are least likely to create successful change. And the reason lies in our brains.

Work with the brain, not against it.

Understanding how our brains react and respond to change is critical for effective change leadership and to enable and sustain high performance.


Choose Paige as your next keynote speaker

Known for captivating an audience, Paige will connect with your delegates, making them laugh and cry. Offering practical evidence-based leadership tactics your audience can immediately apply, Paige leaves people with the confidence and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well. 


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