Own It! by Dr Paige Williams

Our mistake is marginalizing love from leadership.

Lead with Love


Millennial generations are asking leaders to show up differently: they want leaders with an agenda for a better future who inspire them to achieve, and who genuinely care about who they are – in work and beyond. Leaders as distant fonts of knowledge are no longer relevant or required.

To create successful teams that can make the most of the opportunities and navigate the challenges of the 21st century workplace, we need to bring love front and centre.

Questions I’m exploring…

  • Why is love so important for success in the workplace?
  • What’s our problem with love and leadering?
  • How can we Lead with Love and not cross boundaries ?
Go There! by Dr Paige Williams

Avoiding truth doesn’t make it disappear.

Go There!


One of the things we learn as researchers is to go there. We go beyond the quiet desperation of a life of ‘not enough’, and get to the deeper question of, “What might be possible…if we go there?”

But we don’t Go There. We call it “being polite.” We pretend it’s to avoid offending others. But what it really is, is sweeping these issues under the carpet. It’s stuffing the dirty clothes under the bed. And at some point we’ve got to clear them out. Because if we don’t, there becomes a festering smell in our cultures, in our teams, and in our personal relationships that impacts everything we do.

Uncomfortable Truths I’m exploring…

  • The future will always be uncertain
  • We make and keep ourselves fragile
  • We are all liars
  • Leadership is broken
  • Love is (always) the answer
Teaming AntiFragile by Dr Paige Williams

The collective is inherently more antifragile than the individual.

Teaming Antifragile

Building Teams that Thrive

We are better together. It really is that simple. Navigating complexity and uncertainty, solving ‘wicked’ problems in creative ways, sustaining the energy to keep making progress requires the collective capacity inherent in teams.

Antifragile teams move from fear to confidence, from avoidance to accountability, and from drama and frustration to focus and action. The result is purposeful progress and high performance even as they navigate disruption and change.

Questions I’m exploring…

  • Why are teams more antifragile?
  • What helps and hinders teams becoming antifragile?
  • What difference does antifragility make to common team challenges ?
Own It! by Dr Paige Williams

Without an antifragile culture, thriving and performance is limited.

Leading AntiFragile

Crafting Culture for Teams to Thrive

Team culture can make or break the experience of work for people and the outcomes they achieve together. Leaders ignore it at their peril.

And that’s because culture is what helps teams to learn forward together. Dynamic and fluid, culture emerges from how we discover and define the most effective way to be and work together. In a complex and uncertain environment, antifragile culture creates the conditions for teams to thrive.

Questions I’m pondering…

  • How much difference does team culture really make to team thriving?
  • What does an antifragile team culture look like?
  • How can leaders intentionally create and sustain it?
Partnering by Dr Paige Williams

From domination and ‘doing to’ to invitation and ‘being with’.


a new leadership paradigm

Domination dynamics – the traditional power model for workplaces – no longer serve us. We need authentic engagement, creative innovation, willing contribution, diverse perspectives to reach the level of performance needed for people, teams and organizations to thrive.

To build organizations where more people feel ready, willing, and able to lead, we need a paradigm of partnering.

Questions I’m exploring…

  • How is it the system – not leaders – that is broken?
  • What might be possible if we move leadership from dynamics of power and domination to those of honour and invitation?
  • What could a partnering paradigm look like in teams and organisations?
Truth Honour Love by Dr Paige Williams

Who we are is how we show up.

truth, honour, love


We’re in the midst of a crisis of confidence and purpose. Untethered, with little to anchor our choices to within, we look outside, making us vulnerable and fragile in a turbulent and complex world.

Know your truth. Live with honour. Be love in the world.

These touch stones in turbulent times are a way to show up in the mud of life and get through it clean. Without them we’re dancing in the dark on autopilot – tripping and stumbling without knowing why.

Questions I’m exploring…

  • Why are we untethered?
  • What does it mean to know our truth, live with honour and be love in the world?
  • What difference could this personal code make?
Unbounded by Dr Paige Williams

Conscious boundaries liberate consciousness.



Expectation. Obligation. Resentment.
The trifecta of a life bound by others.

Disconnected, disempowered and without love for self, this silent suffering creates drama, power-play and pain in our workplaces, teams, families and friendships every day

But there is another way.

An unbounded life with space, expansion and  joy. A life with sovereignty, confidence and understanding; a space where – without unconscious agendas – even the hard becomes easy.

Questions I’m pondering…

  • What keeps us bound?
  • How might boundaries free us?
  • What might it mean to live consciously unbounded?
Becoming AntiFragile by Dr Paige Williams

Are You Ready to Move Beyond Resilience?

Becoming AntiFragile


The level of disruption as we start this new decade is like nothing we’ve experienced before. Resilience simply won’t cut it in the face of such uncertainty. ‘Bouncing back’ isn’t enough. It’s exhausting and it’s burning us out.

We need something that sustains us in the long term.
We need to benefit rather than break from our experiences.
We need to turn disruption and uncertainty to our advantage.

We need to Become Antifragile. 

Using evidence from neuroscience, psychology and lived leadership experience, this book offers leaders practical guiding principles to:

  • Embrace change rather than resist it
  • Lean into challenge rather than avoid it
  • Learn to thrive when times get tough.

The future is more uncertain than ever. Many leaders are struggling. With this book, you won’t be one of them.

Own It! by Dr Paige Williams

There’s an epidemic of underperformance plaguing teams and organisations.

Own It!

Honouring and amplifying accountability

Activity but no progress, meetings with no follow up, confused responsibilities, impossible demands, missed milestones, low morale, poor engagement, talent drain…

What’s the cause?

Issues with accountability.

From broken promises and unrealistic expectations to finger pointing and cultures of avoidance and blame, issues with accountability – and the fear that drives them – are rampant across business, government and NGOs.

If you have people in your team you have issues with accountability.

Own It! is the book for you if…

  • You’ve been let down by a broken promise or expected to do the impossible at work
  • You’re struggling with lack of time, too many commitments and a culture of blame
  • You’re tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with what lies ahead and can’t see a way forward
  • You’re a leader who knows your team could perform better, but isn’t sure what to try next
  • You’re ready to break the mould, feel energized and engaged with your work, proud of your achievements and excited about the future.


Dr Paige Williams clients
Dr Paige Williams clients