Becoming AntiFragile

Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change
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Are you ready to become AntiFragile?

The start of this decade has seen unprecedented levels of disruption around the world. The climate change debate, bushfires in Australia, the political fall-out of Brexit in Europe, the US elections and most recently, a global pandemic with coronavirus. The full implications of each of these disruptions are still emerging, but we can be sure that the ripples will be felt for years to come. Welcome to the Decade of Disruption.

Are you ready?

This book offers leaders practical guiding principles to:

  • Embrace change rather than resist it
  • Lean into challenge rather than avoid it
  • Learn to thrive when times get tough.

The future is more uncertain than ever. Many leaders are struggling. With this book, you won’t be one of them.

Read an excerpt of Becoming AntiFragile

Read an excerpt of Becoming AntiFragile

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Dr Paige Williams has that extremely rare ability, to take big and complex ideas like “antifragility” and not only understand them, but help you to use them in your personal and professional lives, at a time in history when we so need this. But Paige goes further, not only how to use the idea as a tool, but how to become antifragile – inspiring you to your own preparedness and potentiality. The ROBUST principles she proposes are relevant to multiple contexts in your life, at home, at work, in the best of times and the worst of times.

Professor Lindsay Oades

Director, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne. Wellbeing Public Policy Strategist.

At a time when businesses – large and small –  are under more pressure than ever, Becoming AntiFragile offers leaders practical principles to help us navigate the challenges and get better from it. I found Paige’s work easy to read and translate into my own leadership practice, and I’ve used it with my team and seen the difference it’s made to their energy, attitude and mindset. This is a must read for leaders who know that there must be something beyond resilience; there is – AntiFragile – and this book explains how to get there.

Bridget Blake

Director Partner Engagement & Development, Specsavers ANZ

Dr Paige Williams combines intellect with insight to help us understand how to move beyond resilience to become antifragile. She gives us the science and guides us through the practices that help us both professionally and personally. This is a must read for leaders navigating complex change.

Professor Lea Waters, PhD

Organisational psychologist, researcher and author of the Strength Switch.

Never more have we needed the ability to embody the qualities of AntiFragile. Paige’s work is a critical tool for leaders in all industries looking to build strength, longevity and a new level of adaptability to their teams. It also holds an importance place at a personal level, where we all need new perspectives on how to navigate in uncertain times and reimagine a new world of work and life.

Skye Tipler

Director, Mkt. Communications

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antifragile, antifragile book, becoming antifragile, antifragile leadership

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antifragile, antifragile book, becoming antifragile, executive coaching, keynote speaker, leadership development, antifragile leadership

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