Becoming AntiFragile

Turning Disruption and Uncertainty to Your Advantage


For Your Leaders

Learn, Live & Lead

You can see that the challenges and opportunities ahead of your leadership team are significant, and you need them to step up with confidence, motivation and support. An AntiFragile Leadership program tailored to meet your leaders’ needs will give you  – and them – just what you’re looking for.

Together we will:

  • Get clear on what’s making them fragile and how to remove it
  • Explore new ways of leading together to help them make progress – even through uncertainty and disruption
  • Identify small actions with big impact that they can build into their leadership practices to help them Become AntiFragile

Your leaders will walk away with small actions they can immediately apply to build their AntiFragile Leadership practice and thrive while they navigate uncertainty.

Becoming AntiFragile Programs
AF Engage and embed

For Your Organisation

Engage & Embed

A powerful blend of education and entertainment that leave people feeling energised and clear on the action they can take straight away, my engaging, evidence-based keynote workshops will create conversations and insights that spark change within and across your teams.

Together we will:

  • Create a common language and ripples of change across your organization
  • Seed new ideas that help your people understand what’s making and keeping them fragile
  • Share ways they can become more AntiFragile through the work that they do every day

We can develop a Keynote Workshop agenda to meet the specific goals and needs of your organisation so click below to arrange a time for us to talk more about what this could look like.

For You

Personalised Planning & Support

You see that what you thought was ‘good leadership’ just isn’t enough any more. You’re looking for new ways to lead yourself and others so you can successfully navigate the challenges and leverage the opportunities ahead.  Whether it’s an injection of outside perspective, objective counsel or subject matter expertise to help your thinking and decision-making, my executive coaching will meet you where you are and provide just what you’re looking for.

Together we will:

  • Get clear on what you need to focus on right now
  • Explore new ways of leading to help you make progress and have impact
  • Identify small actions with big impact that you can build into your daily life and leadership practice to help you Become AntiFragile

Online Course

Your Learning, Your Way

Traditional ways of thinking, being and leading are no longer serving us, the people we care about or the people we lead.  We are making and keeping ourselves fragile in so many ways, whilst trying to hold it all together by ‘standing strong’ or ‘bouncing back’.

It’s exhausting. It’s ineffective. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Becoming AntiFragile and the online companion course is my invitation to you to engage with the struggle of life differently.
And be better for it.

Included in the program:

  • Paperback and digital edition of Becoming AntiFragile
  • 8 modules with learning and reflection activities
  • Supplementary resources to deep dive into each module topic



Becoming AntiFragile | Dr Paige Williams

Are You Ready to Move Beyond Resilience?

The level of disruption as we start this new decade is like nothing we’ve experienced before. Resilience simply won’t cut it in the face of such uncertainty. ‘Bouncing back’ isn’t enough.
It’s exhausting and it’s burning us out.

We need something that sustains us in the long term.
We need to benefit rather than break from our experiences.
We need to turn disruption and uncertainty to our advantage.

We need to Become Antifragile. 

Using evidence from neuroscience, psychology and lived leadership experience, this book offers leaders practical guiding principles to:

  • Embrace change rather than resist it
  • Lean into challenge rather than avoid it
  • Learn to thrive when times get tough.

The future is more uncertain than ever. Many leaders are struggling.
With this book, you won’t be one of them.

Read an excerpt of Becoming AntiFragile

Read an excerpt of Becoming AntiFragile

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The AntiFragile Survey

Assess & Evaluate

Take the free AntiFragile Survey and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to safely and confidentially:

  • find out where you are on the AntiFragile continuum and how you can use my ROBUST principles framework to remove fragility and Become AntiFragile;

  • immediately see your results – including your levels of AntiFragile Energy, Attitudes and Mindsets and the impact this is having for your wellbeing and performance;

  • download your personalised results report packed with tips and questions to help guide your Becoming AntiFragile journey

This is such a great tool that not only provides insights into our current levels of antifragility as a leader, but importantly personalised tips to build our capacity to thrive in times of uncertainty and challenge.


Senior Leader, Corporate Finance.

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