Becoming AntiFragile

For your Organisation

Can your organisation be better in COVID-impacted world of work?

Leverage AntiFragility and support your people to thrive as they navigate the changing environment most workplaces are facing.

Here are three ways I can help your organisation:

Ignite & Energise

Create ripples of change across your organization by helping your people create AntiFragile energy, attitudes and mindsets through my engaging, evidence-based keynote workshops.

A powerful blend of education and entertainment that leave people feeling energized and clear on the action they can take straight away, my keynote workshops will create conversations and insights that spark change within and across your teams.

We can develop a Keynote Workshop agenda to meet the specific goals and needs of your organisation, so click below to arrange a time for us to talk more about what this could look like.

Paige is a wonderful presenter and workshop facilitator. She quickly builds trust through her expertise, warmth, candour and wisdom. Whether she is presenting online or in person she is thoroughly engaging and authentic.

Deborah Harman

Principal, Balwyn High School

Individual Insight & Action

A great way to follow up a keynote workshop is to invite your people to take the free AntiFragile Survey. In less than 10 minutes, they’ll be able to safely and confidentially:

  • Locate their position on the AntiFragile Map and understand the how my ROBUST principles framework can help remove fragility and Become AntiFragile;
  • immediately see results – including their levels of AntiFragile Energy, Attitudes and Mindsets and the impact this is having for their wellbeing and performance;
  • Download a personalised results report packed with tips and questions to help guide their Becoming AntiFragile journey

Team leaders can then use my AntiFragile Survey Team Debrief Guide to open conversations that build self-awareness, trust and psychological safety to help the team move beyond what’s keeping them fragile.

You can invite your people to take the AntiFragile Survey by sending to them this page.  Some of my clients prefer me to facilitate the team debrief and discussions via group coaching – if you think that’s what you’re looking for, just click the button below and we can talk further.

This is such a great tool that not only provides insights into our current levels of antifragility as a leader, but importantly personalised tips to build our capacity to thrive in times of uncertainty and challenge.


Senior Leader, Corporate Finance.

Engage & Embed

A Becoming AntiFragile program tailored to meet your people’s needs will give you – and them – just what you’re looking for. 

Together we will:

  • Get clear on what’s making them fragile and how to remove it
  • Explore new mindsets, attitudes and behaviours to help them thrive through uncertainty and disruption
  • Identify small actions with big impact that they can build into their daily routines to help them become more AntiFragile.

I will design this program to meet the needs of your organisation, so click below to arrange a time for us to co-create what this could look like.

Paige’s presentation style is engaging, professional and unique in the sense that she can expertly and seamlessly adapt to the needs of the group. Her knowledge of the content she delivers is so deep and profound that any rabbit warren that participants want to go down, Paige handles with ease.

Janelle Meyers

Leadership Portfolio Manager, Committee for Geelong

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antifragile, antifragile book, becoming antifragile, executive coaching, keynote speaker, leadership development, antifragile leadership

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