Becoming AntiFragile

For You

Are you ready to lead in the COVID-impacted workplace?

Here are three ways to start your AntiFragile Leadership journey:

Assess & Evaluate

Take the free AntiFragile Survey and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to safely and confidentially:

  • find out where you are on the AntiFragile continuum and how you can use my ROBUST principles framework to remove fragility and Become AntiFragile;

  • immediately see your results – including your levels of AntiFragile Energy, Attitudes and Mindsets and the impact this is having for your wellbeing and performance;

  • download your personalised results report packed with tips and questions to help guide your Becoming AntiFragile journey

This is such a great tool that not only provides insights into our current levels of antifragility as a leader, but importantly personalised tips to build our capacity to thrive in times of uncertainty and challenge.


Senior Leader, Corporate Finance.

Learn & Explore

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Becoming AntiFragile is available in paperback, e-book and (author read) audio-book format.

If you’re looking for a practical guide and evidence-based tools to support and develop your leadership through these extra-ordinary times, my book Becoming AntiFragile – Learning to thrive through disruption, challenge and change asks – and answers – how can we be better through our struggle experiences and learn to thrive through disruption challenge and change. It combines latest research in neuroscience, psychology and leadership into practical, actionable ways to reduce fragility and move beyond resilience to confidently navigate uncertainty.

It will help you:

  • Embrace change rather than resist it
  • Lean into challenge rather than avoid it

Learn to thrive when times get tough.

I’ve stepped into this book after a role redundancy and a very hectic start to 2020 (as have many of us).

I love the pivotal question this book challenges me to keep asking ‘how can I come out of this better than I went into it?’. How can I improve myself through this period and through this challenging period globally and find ways to continue to grow (not just bounce back!)

Great timing. Great guidance. Great read.

Nick W

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Personalised Planning & Support

You recognise that the challenges and opportunities ahead of you are significant, and you want to be able to step up and into them with confidence, motivation and support. Whether it’s an injection of outside perspective, objective advice or expertise to help your thinking and decision-making, my executive coaching programs will give you just what you’re looking for. 

Together we will:

  • Get clear on what you need to focus on right now
  • Explore new ways of leading to help you make progress and have impact
  • Identify small actions with big impact that you can build into your daily life and leadership practice to help you Become AntiFragile
I have a range of coaching packages available, so contact me to arrange a time for us to discuss what will best meet your needs.

Every conversation with Paige is a unique learning opportunity.  Her curious, insightful mind allows you to share and create aspirations that you hadn’t dared speak out loud yet.

Karen Milkins-Hendry

Dean, The Development Centre, Independent Schools Victoria

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antifragile, antifragile book, becoming antifragile, antifragile leadership

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antifragile, antifragile book, becoming antifragile, executive coaching, keynote speaker, leadership development, antifragile leadership

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