Leveraging Leadership

for positive purposeful impact

Leveraging Leadership

for positive purposeful impact


Are you ready to lead your organisation to thrive?

Dr Paige Williams speaks at conferences and runs development programs for leaders.

She has a PhD in Positive Organisational Psychology, post-graduate studies in Organisational Change and a BA Hons in Business. With more than 20 years’ international business leadership experience, Paige’s expertise lies in making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day.

She is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne and an Associate of Melbourne Business School.

Through her conference speaking, her leadership programs and her writing, Paige focuses on replacing fear with confidence; replacing confusion with clarity and motivating leaders to create positive purposeful impact for themselves and the people they lead.

Paige helps leaders in business, government, NGOs and schools learn to thrive through complexity, challenge and change and has seen the positive impact it has – for them, their teams and their organisations.

Once you’ve worked with Paige, there are no excuses…


Dr Paige Williams is not your average presenter.

She combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence-based data and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner-table conversation. Offering practical evidence-based strategies leaders can immediately apply, Paige leaves people with the confidence and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well.


We all have the capacity for leadership.

More than 20 years’ business leadership experience coupled with her deep academic knowledge, fuels Paige’s superpower of making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day. Using a potent blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, her own research Paige works 1:1 and with teams to leverage their leadership, elevate performance and create positive purposeful impact.

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