AntiFragile Leadership

to the Decade of Disruption

Dr Paige Williams


AntiFragile Leadership

to the Decade of Disruption

Are you ready to lead in the Decade of Disruption?

Traditional leadership models have not equipped us for these uncertain times.

As a leader you will need to pivot and adjust as COVID-19 continues to make our professional and social environments more complex and unstable.

You will need to do more with even less. Less time, fewer people and reduced resources.

You will need to adapt to the new rules of the workplace, as employees demand flexibility.

Your integrity and sense of purpose as a leader will become increasingly important.

You can learn how to replace fear with confidence; confusion with clarity.

You can discover how to thrive through uncertainty, challenge and change.

You can become AntiFragile.

Here’s how I can help you become an AntiFragile leader…

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Dr. Paige Williams, wellbeing and leadership expert, an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne and an Associate of Melbourne Business School. Also featured in:
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